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Another Mentoring success at jhai

It is with great pleasure that jhai Ltd can once again congratulate one of our employees on attaining full membership with the Chartered Association of Building Engineers (CABE).  Tracy McLeod, one of our leading Managing Surveyors in the North West attended the final stage of membership, the Professional Interview, and passed with flying colours.

Tracy has been a part of jhai’s internal mentoring programme which aims to support and mentor all employees who wish to progress their careers.  Jennifer Barrett, Regional Manager for the North West, has worked closely with Tracy for many months, offering expert advice and guidance alongside Associate Director of Technical, Steve Barnshaw.  Andy Crooks, Chief Executive of jhai, has also mentored Tracy with monthly training sessions centred around fire safety for development projects.

By providing multiple mentors, who excel in different areas, all employees receive a more holistic mentoring experience. jhai has found this approach to work far better than simply having one mentor per person.

As Tracy explains it is due to the high level of support received during this period that enabled the final stage to go so smoothly ‘I have to thank Jennifer, Steve and Andy for all of their support, without them taking the time to listen to me, support and help me, I would not have been able to pass the interview in such a positive way’.

The feedback from the interviewing panel has been exceptional ‘The panel felt you had worked hard to get to your current position and thought you were a good example of how a person can progress in their chosen field.’

Jennifer is incredibly pleased with the results ‘Tracy is an amazing person, to achieve full membership of CABE is not easy.  The amount of dedication Tracy has shown has been exceptional and I have no doubt that a long and rewarding career remains ahead.