New Specialist Regional Manager Jennifer Barrett is helping jhai stay ahead of the curve

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New Specialist Regional Manager Jennifer Barrett is helping jhai stay ahead of the curve

jhai, a leading Building Control Approved Inspector, is proud to announce that Jennifer Barrett has been appointed as Regional Manager for the Northern offices, an area jhai is keen to develop further.  Jennifer has already distinguished herself by demonstrating on numerous occasions her specialist knowledge, experience and innovative ideas.


Matt Read, jhai’s Managing Director, believes Jennifer’s appointment is a significant step forward in continuing to deliver superior standards in building control across the entire North of England and Wales. “With Jennifer’s passion for improvements to service delivery, specialist industry knowledge and leadership qualities I knew at once jhai would reach new levels of customer satisfaction and building compliance in the North”.  


Jennifer’s appointment reflects jhai’s focus to lead new developments within the Building Control industry, incorporating innovative and fresh approaches designed to ensure service delivery and standards are raised across the country.  The Regional Management role at jhai is one which Jennifer herself has helped shape due to her extensive experience.  With over 27 years within the industry, including 14 years in privatised building control, Jennifer intrinsically understands the needs of the industry at both a strategic and granular level.


Jennifer, as part of her role, has developed several ideas, first and foremost the introduction of a ‘New comprehensive Framework Agreement’.  This have been designed to streamline applications, as Jennifer explains ‘The idea is to reduce the bureaucratic complications of making applications for clients who regularly work with us or carry out repetitive works.  The frameworks can be tailored to any aspect of work or application and remove the need to request fee quotes for each application and promote closer working relationships.   The benefits to agents and contractors are that they have confirmed fees which they can easily convey to their clients, thus speeding up the application process.’


Jennifer’s appointment and the adoption of her improvements are a part of the culture that exists at jhai. One that is innovative, ideas driven and orientated to continual improvement both as an employer and as a leading provider of Building Control and related services to its clients across the country.