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How can insurance lead to a new career?

Provision of Professional Indemnity Insurance within the Approved Inspectors (AI) industry has recently experienced a significant contraction.  Providers are either no longer offering insurance or have improved their acceptance criteria to make it unlikely that some AI’s will be able to renew in the coming months.

Importantly jhai has had a successful renewal with Griffiths & Armour and is covered into 2020 providing continued confidence for clients.

jhai today is one of the largest Approved Inspectors in England and Wales and a leading force within the industry.

So how does ensuring insurance standards lead to a new career?  The answer is simply down to capability.  jhai has the capability to continue providing a much-needed independent AI service and as jhai is experiencing a significant growth period, there are opportunities to boost an existing career or start a new one.

jhai is currently recruiting for both qualified and trainee Building Control Surveyors; so, if you wish to join a stable, secure and, most importantly, a growing company either view our vacancies here or send your CV to