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Another nice letter to share with you. This time sent to Bob Neal in East London, Jay Marway in West London and Nick Philips, one of our Energy assessors. Bob/Nick/Jay I am very pleased that I elected to use the services of jhai in respect of the building control for the construction of our new house. I have indicated that I had been involved professionally with the construction of houses and therefore aware of building regulation requirements some years ago. I was also aware that considerable changes have been made in the requirements since that time. Everyone that I have had the pleasure of dealing with from jhai in relation to this project has been most helpful and supportive in guiding me through the requirements. I refer to the initial assessment of my submission, the site inspections and the SAP assessment. jhai had been recommended to me by someone undertaking a self-build project and I would in turn recommend the services and professionalism of jhai to anyone undertaking a project of this nature in future. .......Taking on a project of this nature without professional advice in the form of an architect or using a main contractor is demanding and should not be undertaken lightly. The support of jhai has been particularly valuable to me enabling me to enjoy the process as well as our resulting new home.