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Listen to what our clients say.... We know it's important that we're told if we don't meet clients' expectations - that's how we learn to improve. However it's particularly nice when we're told we're getting things right. Below are extracts from two recently received unsolicited e-mails from happy clients: "Thankyou SO MUCH for the quickest building regs approval I have ever received in nearly 45 years of practice - fantastic!!!!!!!!!! I've got several other projects for you to quote for on this basis!!!! I'll be in touch accordingly." -e-mail sent to David Hackett, East London Office Jan 2012 "I would like to say many thanks to you both for providing such a fantastic service this year, it has been very much appreciated. 2011 has been a very important time for me as it has been my first year running a full time business. So having the reliable helpful service you have provided me ensures I can give the best service to my clients and build my company's reputation. It's great having people I can rely on! " - e-mail sent to Graham Herring and Alison Constable, Dorset Office Dec 2011 So, whether you're just starting out or whether you've been in the game for a fair while, we think jhai can help make your job easier and more profitable. For help or guidance on any issue call Head Office on 01308 488656