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jhai Finance Manager Bob Pratt (far right in photo,) together with his wife Debbie and brother-in-law and his wife, are taking part in the Oxfam Trailwalker UK 2011 event on the 16/17 July. This is a 100km (62 miles) endurance walk along the South Downs Way which has to be completed in a maximum time of 30 hours (so includes walking through the night). The money raised is split between Oxfam and the Gurkha Welfare Trust and helps fight poverty and suffering around the world. Oxfam give people the tools to work their way out of poverty. For example, 10 buys farming tools like hoes, rakes, gloves or chicken wire so that farmers can harvest their crops, feed their families and earn a living. 20 buys a family hygiene kit which contains essential items like soap and simple stuff that can save lives. Another example of the work of Oxfam is that one year on following the Haiti earthquake support is still being provided to 1.2m people, including focussing on life-saving cholera prevention activities, rebuilding communities, recovery work and beyond. The Gurkha Welfare Trust supports 10,000 welfare pensioners in Nepal, most in their 80s and totally reliant on the Trust for a dignified comfortable old age. 50 gives an ex-Gurkha a pension - this is the equivalent of two months' payments. Funds raised will also help to provide clean, safe drinking water and sanitation facilities in 80 Gurkha villages, as well as funds for new schools and infrastructure for the children of the regiment. Support is also provided in the UK. The team are training hard and their longest team walk to date has been 28 miles not quite half of what will have to be achieved in July! The most recent team effort was walking two sections of the South Downs Way that will be covered in July. One of these sections was the stretch likely to be that covered at night! Longer distances will be tackled over the next few weeks, however frequent medium length walks in between the longer distances are building up stamina and it is hoped that any creaky joints will be strong enough by July to see the team through! jhai are happy to support Bob and Debbie in this worthwhile challenge and if any individual would like to do the same the link to the on-line sponsorship page is below. Note that the team name is Three Roses and one Daffodil.