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Approved Inspector vs LABC on Part M !

David Withington from City of London Building Control and jhais Terry Warren give their views on DDA and Building Regs in the latest edition of Access by Design published by the Centre for Accessible Environments. So, were there any big differences of opinion between the two on the implementation of Part M? The answer, reassuringly, is no - in fact there was general agreement on how to get the best service from your Building Control Body on DDA and access issues: as David Withington points out Early consultation saves time and results in more efficient and effective solutions. Terry agrees and stresses that many problems that occur with Part M reinforce the need for early consultation with Building Control Bodies and the need for better training for Planners. Perhaps it is not surprising that the two people consulted for the article should concur as clearly they represent the side of the industry that takes Part M implementation seriously and professionally. Unfortunately, it is a fact that not all Building Control Bodies will have NRAC Registered Access Consultants available to give expert advice. The article finishes with some explanation from Senior Lecturer and Researcher Melanie Smith as to why some parts of the Building Regulations are not always taken seriously ...the lack of legal enforcement cases was seen by non-Building Control such as designers, contractors and clients as sending a signal to the industry that non-compliance with regulation lacked priority and commitment. The full article by Madeleine Gray is in Autumns Access by Design available from: jhais Inclusive Design Manager can be contacted at: