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What does jhai do? And how do you pronounce the name?

jhai Ltd is an Approved Inspector, licensed every five years by the government - via the Construction Industry Council (CIC) - to carry out Building Regulations approvals (Building Control) as an alternative to Local Authorities.  We have processed over 65,000 Building Control applications in the last five years.

When the company was formed in 1999, jhai stood for Jon Hollely Associates Innovation – but since 2009 it has been under new ownership and is now referred to by its initials,  J.H.A.I.  For DCLG info on Building Control on the government Planning Portal click here.  For further info on the CIC click here.  For the Association of Corporate Approved Inspectors click here.

What our clients say...

A dedicated team of industry experts

The team behind jhai’s success: our Technical Experts, Department Heads and Directors all work together to ensure that we deliver the very best services to construction professionals and to individual property owners. Our key people are all available for you to contact.

Matt Read

Tel: 01308 428029Mobile: 07967 196142

BSc Dip Env & Dev, Cert Mgmt, Cert IT & Comp, ACQI


Andrew Crooks

Mobile: 07970 735119


Chief Executive

Alistair Nicklin

Mobile: 07973 658829


Finance Director

Steve Barnshaw

Mobile: 07969 024609


Head of Technical

Associate Director

Simon Dovell

Mobile: 07964 054732

Associate Operations Director

Simon Dovell

Tel: 01308 428020Mobile: 07964 054732

Business Relationships and Frameworks

Dave Hoskin

Tel: 01308 428022Mobile: 07977 236442

Head of Additional Services

Paula Aris

Tel: 01308 428020Mobile: 07837 031070

Compliance Manager 


We have handled over 65,000 Building Control applications in the last five years, 17,000 in the last year alone. By volume we are one of the biggest Approved Inspectors across all sectors in the UK, possibly the single largest AI in the housing sector. We now also provide a range of Energy Assessments and additional services.

 We take our responsibilities to our clients seriously – we know that we are trusted with professional reputations and lifetime investments. Our promise to you is that whether you are a multi-national developer or a one-person self-builder, we at jhai will do everything we can to provide you with the best, most efficient and cost-effective Building Control service possible.  


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If you're unfamiliar with the Approved Inspector Building Control process click below

Social Responsibility

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At jhai we want to run our business as ethically as possible. We know that the world doesn’t begin and end with Building Regulations and we believe that wherever possible we should use our our organisation to help the wider community. We take our responsibilities to our own staff seriously – we want to help them to grow in their career paths and to achieve their aspirations. 

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