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Crossway Low Energy House, Kent

JHAI - Project Gallery
JHAI - Project Gallery
JHAI - Project Gallery

What we did

This completely unique design, with its numerous new and innovative materials and technologies, could well have been a Building Control nightmare. However, our knowledge and understanding of energy efficiency and sustainable design meant that we worked with the architect, resulting in robust solutions being offered rather than hurdles. Probably the most noticeable feature of this dwelling is the Timbrel vault - a structural arch made out of clay tiles formed without the need for structural formwork. The performance standards adopted were "passivhaus" resulting in very high levels of insulation (U Values around 0.12W/m2), air-tightness of 0.72m3/m2 and treble glazed windows. New technologies adopted include photovoltaic-thermal (PVT) and phase-change internal lining boards. These technologies, combined with MVHR, a wood burning boiler and thermal stores result in an ultra low energy dwelling that generates more energy than is used.


  • Featured on Channel Four's Grand Designs and numerous journals and publications
  • Grand Design Awards 2009 - Finalist
  • RIBA Awards 2009 - shortlisted
  • RIBA Downland Prize 2009 - shortlisted
  • Kent Design Awards 2009/10 - shortlisted