The DCLG, the government department responsible for the Building Regulations has announced a range of changes to the Regulations including, • Revisions to Approved Document A (Structure), updating references to structural design standards which will now be the British Standards based on the structural eurocodes. Additional minor changes have also been made to guidance on foundations in shrinkable clay soils, and on re-covering of roofs • Revisions to Approved Document C (Contamination & resistance to moisture), updating the guidance to reflect the latest 2007 radon mapping by Public Health England. Additional updates have been made to reflect the structural design standard change for geotechnics, and for references to flooding,condensation and mould growth. • A circular letter has been issued clarifying the nature of the exemption from the Regulations provided for conservatories and porches A press release has been issued by Don Foster, the Minister responsible for the Regulations, covering the proposed amendments to Part L. These are to come into force in April 2014 and will typically provide for a carbon emmissions cut of 6% for new build dwellings and 9% for non-domestic buildings. There is no plan to change the rules on existing homes. For any further information on these announcements or to organise a training seminar, contact jhai's Head of Technical Services Steve Barnshaw at