jhai broadly welcomes David Cameron's pledge to get the planning system 'off people's backs' to revive the economy by easing restrictions for homes and businesses. It is envisaged that tens of thousands of properties could be extended by up to 8m without gaining full permission. It is also proposed that the rules on shops and offices expanding will be loosened. Under the changes, full planning permission will only be needed for those beyond 6 or 8m depending on whether the properties terraced or detached. Businesses will be able to expand shops by 100 m and industrial units by 200 m. It has been envisaged that shops and offices will be allowed to develop up to the boundary of their premises First-time buyers will also receive help climbing the first rung of the property ladder as the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister announce an extension of the FirstBuy scheme. Additional Treasury funding of 300 million has been set aside to provide 15,000 such properties and bring 5000 empty homes back into use. jhai can further help the developers burden of building regulation and sustainability compliance by providing free of charge advice - give your local office a call or e-mail us on For more on this story: